Club Training

Kickstart has recently branched out into club training with great success. Our coaches will create a structured and personalised program based on the team’s age/skill level to maximize both physical and mental development whilst keeping it fun. From coaching a beginner team the fundamentals to coaching a division 1 club how to further their skills, teamwork and technical/tactical ability, we guarantee the team will improve at a rate that were sure will surprise both the parents as well as the players.

How it works:

  • After the first session, the coach will tailor a program suited to the team.
  • The coach will follow the team’s progress throughout the season adjusting the session to both maximize development and enjoyment.
  • All equipment is supplied.
  • There are two potions: 1- the coach can attend week training only  2-  Coach can attend both training and games


  • The team manager will organise a field with the club or council that can then be booked in for the season.
  • The field can either be the club field or one that best suits the vicinity of the team.

When and how long:

  • Training is generally run after school between the hours of 3.30-6pm+
  • Training goes anywhere from one to two hours, depending one level and age group
  • The day of choice is up to you


  • Dependant on location, age group and level, please contact us for a quote
  • We guarantee you will be amazed with the value you get from this program

For more information, feel free to contact us on 98020909 or at

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