We believe in maximum participation and our great ratio of coaches to participants reflects our best practice approach. Our coaching is positive with a high level of energy and enthusiasm which we feel motivates your students to do their very best.

As our mission statement suggests, we aim to encourage and excite students about sport – not just teach them. Our organisation’s philosophy is that when students are excited about an activity and are provided with the appropriate positive encouragement and technical correction they will strive to and successfully achieve advancement in their skills.

We feel it is our role as a sports coaching organisation to provide schools with the highest quality programs which address the needs of the school and its students and relieve teachers of the time and stress it takes to organise and deliver a comprehensive sports coaching program.

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Sports Kickstart have years of experience and training in running various sporting programs. Below is a list of programs we can offer to your school catered to both your students and your teaching staff.

1. PE Programs

Our dynamic PE programs are the most structured and engaging going around. Sports Kickstart’s programs are outcome based and written to all Syllabus requirements. We can even provide assessments/student reports for all participants to ensure your school and its staff get the very best out of our program.

2. Soccer Programs

Soccer Kickstart provides schools with the most fun, developmental, positive and energetic school programs.

Our lead coaches are FULLY QUALIFIED PE TEACHERS who understand what it takes to make a program successful for students, teachers and schools.

We can supply schools with fully tailored outcome and syllabus based programs which will satisfy Department of Education needs. We bring all the equipment and professional coaching to you. We can run the program ourselves, be a part of your total program or incorporate your staff into our programs. We can even give you your own fully outcome program which you can put into your own files to satisfy DET outlines.

3. Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastics is a highly technical and enjoyable sport for students to participate in. Due to its nature it is essential that Gymnastics is taught the right way and with the appropriate equipment. Sports Kickstart provides exactly this with Gymnastics Qualified staff and the ability to provide all equipment needed for each session.

4. School Sport Team Coaching

Do you want your school sporting teams to have the best coaching? With the variety of sports students play in their inter-school competitions it is difficult to always provide a member of staff with the appropriate qualifications and knowledge. Part of the Sports Kickstart difference is we have staff members who are qualified in these sports and have the experience to coach them.

5 Athletics and Swimming Carnivals

Each year schools are faced with the time intensive task of organising the school Athletics and Swimming carnivals. We understand this and offer a service where the organisation and delivery of your school’s carnivals is handled by us. This includes organising the venues, equipment, order of events and on-the-day organisation. Our carnivals always receive the highest of reviews from staff and parents and most importantly make it a memorable day for the students.

5. Teacher In-service Days

Sports Kickstart in-service programs are aimed at increasing teacher’s confidence and knowledge in conducting participation based sports programs for students. Our in-services are ‘hands on’ and engage your school’s staff members in fun and informative activities and are only run by our most experienced coaching staff.

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