Sports Kickstart

The KICKSTART philosophy is built on the understanding that children love to have fun and love getting better at whatever they are doing. Once they feel they are gaining success and having fun at the same time they want to keep coming back and subsequently then gain further success. If children are taught to complete a skill correctly at the start then they will practice the correct skill in the backyard or in the park or even in the house (if they can get away with it). This Snowball Effect brings a stronger skill level, which:

  • Encourages more play
  • Improves confidence
  • Leads to future success

The momentum will then keep on building upon itself – The SNOWBALL effect.

We believe in maxiumum participation and the great ratio of coaches to participants reflects our best practice approach. Our coaching is positive with a high level of appropriate expectation.

Whether it be in our weekly clinics, our school or clubs programs, our corporate programs, or one of our Birthday Parties you can feel safe that you are being coached by the true professionals. Accept no substitutes!

Kickstart is the only company which has FULL TIME sports coaches and a clear developmental pathway for all its’ participants. This is the reason why we have our QUALITY GUARANTEE!

We focus on creating a solid technical level and game understanding for our participants. We take them through all the specific components step by step, in a logical sequence which develops and refines their gross motor and specific sport skills along the way .

Our staff members are fully qualified and trained to coach a great variety of Sports, such as Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Tee Ball, AFL, Austag, Basketball, Gymnastics, Athletics and Netball.

The programs which we currently offer are:

  • Pre-School Multisport
  • Rugby Kickstart
  • Cricket Kickstart
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Events

For more information on each individual programs see below.

Pre-School Sport

Created to develop the gross motor skills, coordination and fundamental skills in children from 2 to 5 years old. This program offers the opportunity to put your child in contact with 9 different sports (ie. soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby, AFL, baseball, hockey, gymnastics and tennis) in a very fun and friendly approach. We go through all the skills associated within these sports as well as how to play the game, which is so important for them when they move into the primary school environment. The program also helps the children to develop their capability to listen and follow instructions which are so important in the school years as well. Our dynamic, fun and maximum participation environment gives them the best chance to get the most out of their time in our sessions. Come and see why so many parents say “My kids just Love it!”.

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Rugby Kickstart

This program is designed for children from 4 to 7 years olds who want to either learn to play rugby from the start or who want to be further developed in their abilities in the sport. Through our qualified FULL TIME staff and highly experienced Rugby staff we have developed a program which takes the children through all the components of the game in such a way that they will experience it in a fun and developmental environment . This allows them not only to progress physically as a player but to think and build strategies in how to maximize their impact when they do come on the field. Our technical development in their tackling means that when they play the sport for a team they are far less likely to be injured. Our dynamic skill oriented training is the only way to really develop a players ability to enjoy the game. Come and see why so many parents say “My kids just love it!”

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Cricket Kickstart

Is a fun and participation based program developed for those who are seeking their first steps in cricket.

The players learn and practice all the skills required to start, play and understand the game. The difference with us is that we don’t just put the children to repeatedly do drills in bowling or batting. We offer them fun total participation fun technical sessions and gameplay to mould them step by step into players who can participate and enjoy Australia’s number one summer sport. Come and see why so many parents say “My kids just love it!”.

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Corporate Events

Our Corporate Programs are of the highest quality. Whether it is an event for 200 staff, clients and families or just for a small staff group we can give your company and unique and fun experience.

Having successfully completed events for UBS bank and EA Games to name a few we are ready to help take you team to another level.

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Special Events

If you have an event which is different to what we have described above please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to work on an event which is out of the square.

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