Soccer Kickstart

The KICKSTART philosophy is built on the understanding that children love to have fun and love getting better at whatever they are doing.

Once they feel they are gaining success and having fun they will keep on coming back and keep on improving. Kickstart is the only company which has FULL TIME coaches, a clear developmental pathway and a QUALITY GUARANTEE. While so many parents say “My kids just love it!”, more kids who have done the program will tell you how confident they are now.

Soccer Kickstart – 4 to 7 year olds

for players new to the game or wanting to further develop their skills. We cover all the skills in the game while focusing on both individual development and team work. We willalso get them ready to play in a team setting.

Soccer Kick-On – 8 to 12 year olds

While we cover the basic skills of the game we mainly focus on developing the many clutch skills and how to use these in a multitude of situations. We also develop their ability to understand where they need to be and what they need to do with their positioning and team play.

In both our Kickstart and Kick-On programs we focus on the skills which are most important whilst still covering all of the peripheral and team skills that make a player complete. The kids are ALL active the whole time and are kept engaged with our fun way of getting the skills across. Come and see why parents say “My kids just love it!” and “I can’t believe how much better and more confident they are!”


Kickstart – 45 Minutes (This is developmentally the maximum time that players this age should train for quality development)
Kick-On – 60 Minutes
Kickstart $175
Kick-On $195

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