Kickstart is the only company with a true pathway which can take players from preschoolers to representative footballers and beyond. Every and each one of our weekly and holiday programs are lead by a FULL TIME Professional Kickstart coach. We are therefore the only company who can truly guarantee a consistent and exceptional level of quality across all our programs.

Our programs are highly energetic and developmental, our aim is to create the perfect environment to maximise enjoyment and learning capabilities. Whether you are just starting out your football journey or aiming for representative level and beyond we can help you gain success, whether it be on the playground or a major stadium. Come and see why so many parents say “My kids just love it!”

Our programs are broken into 5 developmental levels. Through all of these programs we have built our own educational pathway from those who have never kicked a ball to those who want to be the next soccer superstar:


  • Preschool Kickstart (2 to 5 year olds)
  • Soccer Kickstart (4 to 7 year olds)
  • Soccer Kick-on (8 to 12 year olds)
  • KickSTAR (Advanced 8 to 14 year olds)

For more information on each individual program see below.

Pre-School KickStart

Our Preschool Sport and Soccer classes are a very special fun way to be introduced to skills and game play understanding. We take the little ones through all the sport components in a dynamic and fun style. Our programs have been developed by experts with years of experience and with our great rails and fantastic coaches classes are not short of individual attention as well as group exercise. You will almost never have lines in a Kickstart session. This not only develops skills but also enhances their coordination and ability to receive instructions and find efficient solutions for each situation encountered during the session. Our classes are broken into separate age groups such as 2.5 to 4 year olds and 3.5 to 5 year olds so they get the maximum out of the program.


Level 1 (2 to 5 year olds)

Soccer KickStart and Kick-on

Soccer Kickstart is designed to maximise the development of children from 4 to 7 years of age and whilst keeping the enjoyable characteristics of our sessions, this is a more structured and outcome based program if compared to our Pre School classes. Players are taken through the four basic components of football (controlling, passing, shooting and dribbling) as well as focusing on actually applying in a game scenario For players from 7 to 12 years old we built our Soccer Kick On program which is made to refine all the components practiced at our two previous programs. Here we raise a little more the intensity and complexity of the session, creating the best scenario for those participants who want to go further in their game practice and understanding.


  • Level 2 (4 to 7 year olds)
  • Level 3 (8 to 12 year olds)


KickSTAR Advanced is designed for players who have the desire to learn about football and would like to be provided with the best coaching possible in order to achieve whatever goal they are setting themselves for, might that be representative or future professional football. This is a tailor made program with a professional and yet enjoyable environment that will get the most out of players both technically and tactically as well as a great deal of confidence boost.
The only pre requisite is that the player himself/herself understands that these are enjoyable sessions although intense both physically and mentally.


  • Level 4 (9 to 14 year olds)

Kickstart Holiday Clinics

Kickstart Holiday Clinics are a structured and enjoyable experience in a fun and safe environment. From 4 to 14 Year Olds, beginner to vastly experienced, we are certain to have a program specifically for your needs. Similarly to our weekly clinics, our holiday programs follow a proven successful coaching philosophy based on the perfect balance of enjoyment and work ethic while encouraging individual creativity and imagination, which subsequently promotes players from all ages and levels to freely express themselves.
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