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Soccer Kickstart is the only company with a true pathway which can take players from preschoolers to representative footballers and beyond. Everyone of our weekly Preschool Kickstart, Kickstart, Kick-on and KickSTAR, Elite and Train to Win programs has a FULL TIME Professional Kickstart coach.

We are the only company who can truly guarantee quality and development. Our programs are wrapped in fun but highly developmental at the same time with great ratios. Whether you are just starting out your football journey or aiming for representative level (or beyond) we can help you gain success, whether it be on the playground or a major stadium.

The KICKSTART philosophy is built on the understanding that children love to have fun and love getting better at whatever they are doing. Once they feel they are gaining success and having fun at the same time they want to keep coming back and subsequently then gain further success. If children are taught to complete a skill correctly at the start then they will practice the correct skill in the backyard or in the park or even in the house (if they can get away with it). This Snowball Effect brings a stronger skill level, which:

  • Encourages more play
  • Improves confidence
  • Leads to future success
  • The momentum will then keep on building upon itself – The SNOWBALL effect.

We believe in maxiumum participation and the great ratio of coaches to participants reflects our best practice approach. Our coaching is positive with a high level of appropriate expectation.

While so many parents say “My kids just love it!”, even more kids who have done the program will tell you how much more confident they are now, not just with words but also with their enthusiasm and skill on the field.

Whether it be in our weekly clinics, our holiday clinics, our school or clubs programs, our corporate programs, or one of our Birthday Parties you can feel safe that you are being coached by the true professionals.

Accept no substitutes!

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